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Trivia تريفيا

Watch the content and educate yourself,It is an entertainment and cultural service, provided exclusively to distinguished subscribers, an online service that includes amazing facts, useful information, and beautiful content.

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Explore, Engage, and Enlighten!
Our Trivia web and app are not just your ordinary platforms; they are your gateways to a world of entertainment and culture. Designed exclusively for our discerning subscribers, our online service is your go-to source for fascinating facts, valuable insights, and captivating content.

With Trivia, you don't just watch, you educate yourself. Dive into a realm of amazing discoveries, useful knowledge, and stunning visuals that will both entertain and enrich your mind. Join us on a journey to discover the extraordinary within the ordinary and broaden your horizons with Trivia. It's more than just entertainment; it's an educational and cultural experience like no other.


1. Various videos.

2. Various pictures and backgrounds.

3. Meanings of names.


5. Jokes.

6. Various messages.

    To subscribe:
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    Download the application.

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    Enter your mobile number to receive a verification code message.

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    Enter the verification code to confirm the subscription.

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    To unsubscribe from the service, send 0 to the service number (19020).

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    Through the My Account page in the application or the service website and press the Unsubscribe button.

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    A day for free, then 0.250 dinars per day(For Libyan subscribers).

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    3 days for free, then 1.750 dinars per week(For Almadar Aljadid subscribers).

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