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Elforma الفورما

Regular exercise plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is one of the basic methods for maintaining a healthy body and mind, and is commonly practiced to achieve various goals, such as losing weight, increasing muscle mass, and improving fitness and physical ability. By following a healthy and balanced diet and getting enough sleep and rest to achieve the desired goals.

Service Overview

Elforma provides you with flexibility, fun, and challenge to achieve your sports goals. The Elforma application is an application dedicated to exercise and nutrition, and aims to help users improve their health and physical fitness. The application provides a variety of exercises tailored to each user's fitness level, and also includes specific nutrition and exercise plans to achieve specific goals such as gaining muscle or losing weight.


1. Exercises.

2. Training program.

3. Blogs.

4. Trainer.

5. In body.

    To subscribe:
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    Download the application.

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    Enter your mobile number to receive a verification code message.

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    Enter the verification code to confirm the subscription.

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    To unsubscribe from the service, send 0 to the service number (18500).

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    Through the My Account page in the application or the service website and press the Unsubscribe button.

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    A day for free, then 1.500 dinars per week.

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