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Bekam بكم

The application is the best application to know all the prices of goods in Libya. Through it, you can know the price of the dollar against the dinar, the prices of gold in Libya, the prices of building materials, and others.

Service Overview

The Bekam application provides the user with the prices of everything and is the best application to display the price of the dollar today in Libya from reliable sources. It also provides the user with economic news and financial information related to all goods and services, including the prices of building materials, labor, food prices, etc.

The Bekam application was built by a team specialized in information technology and application design to take into account the security of its users and their data. Through it, we aspire to provide an integrated service and a huge base for prices for everything in Libya.

What distinguishes the Bekam application is accuracy in information and news transmission, continuous price updates (moment by moment), due to the presence of our team on the ground to collect prices and update them as soon as they change from their source, and we also strive to be the user’s trust.

Currency converter, organized price lists, price sources, the price of the dollar in Libya, and others are features available within the application that you can obtain immediately after downloading it and subscribing to our services.


1. Gold price in Libya.

2. The price of oil and fuel.

3. Airlines schedules.

4. cars prices.

5. Mobile phone prices.

6. Building materials prices.

7. Home electrical prices.

8. Food prices.

9. Meet prices.

    To subscribe:
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    Download the application.

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    Enter your mobile number to receive a verification code message.

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    Enter the verification code to confirm the subscription.

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    To unsubscribe from the service, send 0 to the service number (16017).

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    Through the My Account page in the application or the service website and press the Unsubscribe button.

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    A day for free, then 0.250 dinars per day(For Libyan subscribers).

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    3 days for free, then 1.700 dinars per week (For Almadar Aljadid subscribers).

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    A week for free, then 6.500 dinars per month (For Almadar Aljadid subscribers).

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